Winthrop closed scrimmage observation from an Eagle fan

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    Here's his thoughts....

    "The UNC Wilmington scrimmage was held yesterday and all I can say is we have a long, long way to go. We (Winthrop )were completely overmatched/outmanned inside and unless our bigs step up in a hurry, we are in for a very long season. While Zach Price did not play(can"t because of no decision on his eligibility), Duby was basically sent to school by the Wilmington post players(in the first 9 minutes his man had 10 pts and 6 rebs including 3 offensive). Our perimeter players played ok although Keon Kohnson had a long day and I'm not sure he scored from the field. Josh Davenport is continuing his promising play and considering he's been out for a good bit of preseason, he's definitely looking like the sign of good things to come. All in all, our inside game needs a ton of work and I'm sure is a huge concern for the coaching staff. Our inexperience in the paint was completely exposed and could be the downfall of what was going to be a pretty promising season."

    It would have been good if we could have heard if UNCW's guard play was also impressive. We knew that the bigs were already good. And, it's hard to gauge too much about Winthrop from this...they are usually pretty solid and well coached.

    Just FYI...
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