UNCW rolls past St. Andrews

Discussion in 'UNCW Seahawks' started by billthebighawkfan, Dec 5, 2014.

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    Let's face it, they were playing a back to back and didn't have the horses. It was a GREAT chance to rest Dylan who has proven to be absolutely VITAL to UNCW's attack. Dylan should have a green light on most occasions but take good shots playing inside outside ball. Most don't understand how incredibly vital Dylan is to the Hawks attack because he is the one guy that can absolutely shoot the ball on this club. I was very happy to see Craig get a little confidence going because you could see his lack of attacking due to it being preached not to commit the TO. With Craig, I'd rather live with the TO's and they will go down, and just let Craig be in attack mode. He's so much more effective when he's just playing ball. Also, I've really enjoyed seeing Mr. Action Jackson doing his thing and the unselfish nature of guys like Addison getting him the rock. Addison will commit his TO's but passes the ball surprisingly well and will get his.

    Like 70's wrote, this is what to expect from UNCW ball as the current roster dictates. We may never have the services of Yemi and that is somewhat of a downer. Still, if the other key guys or anybody else doesn't get hurt or is out, this is a team that can compete in most CAA games and represent UNCW pretty good. Yes, playing .500 ball in the CAA would be a start and a good showing in the CAA tourney is very possible. The CAA is not that good so a nucleus of guys like a Jackson, Williams, Spruill and Ponder with Dylan can compete with any CAA team on any given night.

    The future is really, really good with Coach Keatts. He's come in here and has made big waves on the recruiting front. Next year, the PG position is wide open and even if Ponder was that guy, I'd be thrilled, but there are at least 3 other guys competing. It will be hard pressed to beat the xfer from Jacksonville University for the 2 guard since he will probably be on the 1st or 2nd team All CAA going in-but Mathews (great scorer/shooter) and CJ Brice (sky's the limit-talent wise) will get their minutes somewhere. Great competition at the 3 and 4 as well as you have to figure that Matthews, Grundy, Cacok and company will compete with the xfer from Charlotte. And, the 5 should be Gettys, Ogbodo and/or the Charlotte xfer as a smaller 5 that has enough size to defend but can step out kind of like CC did.

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