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    ODU was getting beat so bad this past Saturday losing 80-20 at the end of the 3rd quarter that Monarchs Head Coach Bobby Wilder asked his UNC counterpart to shorten the 4th quarter. Tarheels Coach Fedora agreed and the game was shortened by five minutes as the teams played a 10 minute 4th quarter.

    Interestingly, ODU acted quite differently when it was trouncing FCS opponents, including two CAA teams (Albany and Rhode Island). ODU in fact kept rolling up the score in the 4th quarter in its three big blowout wins scoring double digits in the last quarter in each of these games.

    I guess that ODU can dish it our but just can't take it.

    End of 3rd Qtr ODU Blowout Game Scores
    ODU vs Howard 66-13 (ODU scored 10 in 4th) Final 76-19
    ODU vs Albany 52-10 (ODU scored 14 in 4th) Final 66-10
    ODU vs URI 52-14 (ODU scored 14 in 4th) Final 66-14

    Old Dominion Football Schedule Results
    Date                Location        	Result
    Nov 23, 2013        Chapel Hill, NC      North Carolina 80, Old Dominion 20 	 
    Nov 16, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 42, Campbell 14   	
    Nov 09, 2013   	Moscow, Idaho   	Old Dominion 59, University of Idaho 38   	
    Nov 02, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 66, Rhode Island 14   	
    Oct 26, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 27, Norfolk State 24    
    Oct 19, 2013   	Pittsburgh, PA          PITT 35, Old Dominion 24   	
    Oct 05, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 21, Liberty 17   	 
    Sep 28, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 66, ALBANY 10   	 
    Sep 21, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 59, The Citadel 58   	
    Sep 14, 2013   	Norfolk, Va.    	Old Dominion 76, Howard 19   	 
    Sep 07, 2013   	College Park, Md.       Maryland 47, Old Dominion 10   
    Aug 31, 2013   	Greenville, N.C.        East Carolina 52, Old Dominion 38    

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    that's interesting. i've been to plenty of blowouts and i've never heard of shortening the game. it's probably not a bad idea to have a mercy rule...but they'll never do it because the big schools want to pitch these as real games. alabama does a nice job of holding teams like chattanooga and georgia state off the mat so more attention isn't given to it. they could score 200 points on those teams if they wanted to. saban should shut up about fans leaving early.

    i agree it comes off as annoying because it was odu who waved the white flag. their presence in caa basketball is not missed. since they beat up on plenty of fcs teams and were actually competitive with a few fbs teams...it seems like the blowout to north carolina was unexpected and even more embarrassing.

    fedora seems to be turning things around quick at carolina. i didn't realize he got them bowl eligible. duke-unc football might be better than basketball this season.
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    I'd rather lose 100-0 than quit but maybe the score wasn't the reason why Wilder wanted the game to end early. When I heard "80-20," I thought they were playing basketball.
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    From my post on CUSA RE: C-USA should ban invoking mercy rule:

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