Early FCS 2013 Playoff projections

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    If teams that should win, do win their games this weekend, the 1st 18-20 teams in the playoffs are pretty straight-forward.

    The last 4-6 teams in are where the fun begins......

    The Sports Network projection

    College Sports Madness projection

    Both projected playoff fields are almost the same, except for the last few teams in. I.E., sports Madness left out 2 teams (Charleston Southern, SC State) with 8 Div 1 wins and picks 3 from the MVC, including Southern Illinois, who hasn't won 6 D1 games yet. A little bias?

    I was wondering why UT – Chattanooga (8 Div1 wins) was not projected in the play-offs at all?

    I think the Sports Network is biased toward the Big Sky Conf, having projected Montana St to get an at-large bid, though they have only 6 Div1 wins now and would need to be U Montana to get 7.

    In the CAA, other than Maine, Towson & W&M, the next best prospects seem to be Delaware and UNH.

    While both would have to win to be in the running, prospects greatly improve if S Utah, Montana St, SC State, Charleston Southern & S Dakota St all lose this weekend. They all don't have easy games, so there's a reasonable shot.

    S Utah (8-3)/7 Div 1 wins vs N. Arizona (8-2).
    Montana St (7-4) 6 Div 1 wins vs U. Montana (9-2).
    S Dakota St (7-4) vs YSU (8-3).
    SC State (8-3)7 Div 1 wins vs Norfolk St (3-8).
    Charleston Southern(10-2)/7 or 8 div 1 wins (8 if Charlotte counts) vs Liberty (7-4).

    N Iowa (6-5) could be a good candidate too, as they play W Illinois (4-7). Hard to say as they do have 5 losses, but did beat a FBS team, YSU and and McNeese St .

    Oh, and UT-Chattanooga is easily in if they win their final.

    Still never understood why Wofford was selected over Towson last year when we both had 7 division 1 wins with Towson having played a tougher schedule. The only thing that I came up with was their blow-out of a weak D2 school. It shouldn't have counted but seems it really did count for something.
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