CofC @ NU in Men's Soccer 11/2

Discussion in 'College of Charleston Cougars' started by geewiz, May 19, 2013.

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    I keep hearing how CofC is a powerhouse in men's soccer in the SoCon.

    Can't wait to see how good you guys really are when you come up to Boston to face the defending CAA champs!

    NU hasn't lost at home since 2010 -- so we'll see the Cougs in November!
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    Oct 18, 2012
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    I wouldn't call CofC a powerhouse, but they are very solid.
    Recall that the SOCON has UNCG and Furman both of which have excellent teams.

    CofC's big asset is that year in and out they bring very solid teams to the table and typically don't fall below a certain level and they always play an elite schedule.

    Ironicall the heyday of CofC Soccer was at the same time as CofC basketball in the 90's while in the TAAC(ASUN). The best finish being a quarterfinal loss to UCLA in injury time where CofC gave up two goals in the final 5-10 minutes to lose 3-2.

    Regardless I think everyone is very excited about testing their game out in a new conference.

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