Coach Keatts thus far?

Discussion in 'UNCW Seahawks' started by billthebighawkfan, Nov 20, 2014.

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    I'd say YES! He's a great all around coach and I'm behind him all the way. He's brought a good energy to the program and can recruit very well plus can coach the guys up. Everything hasn't been perfect, but it hasn't been that far off. Guys are playing with more confidence and are sharing the ball a bit more. They press, but still zone up to conserve some energy...I like that with this "very short roster". When he has a full roster, including shooters,and eventually athletic bigs that can rebound out of position, it's going to be great. They will have most of that next year.

    My advice is to be patient this year because it's going to be tough with so few players, but the future is going to be good. And, it's been fun to see Craig finally do his thing out there and Dylan. Heck, if they don't get injured, they could win a little bit this year, but let's wait on that. He will have to get the 2 freshmen going and the younger bigs that weren't expecting to play big minutes with Yemi not out there (big loss).

    Hawks shot the ball well the other night but will have to improve they're overall game in order to have a decent season. My feeling is that this coach will get the most out of the talent that he has now, even short-handed.

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