Andrew Goudelock

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    He started for the Lakers. This is his chance to shine on the national stage.

    He may not want to stay with the Lakers because minutes will be scarce when Nash, Blake, and Meeks return, but the Bobcats are $21,000,000 under the salary cap and signing a guy who played in college against area teams and has played for the Lakers is a way to get some positive publicity and a boost on the court.

    D League MVP, too.
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    Drew played extremely well on Friday considering the pressure involved and the fact that he had little to no experience under D'Antoni's laker system.

    20 pts 3 steals 1 reb 1 assist speaks for itself.

    What is also pretty evident that San Antonio gameplanned for Drew a little more on Sunday and he had a rougher go.

    14 pts 4 reb 1 assist 1 steal.

    Still this should be enough to warrant an NBA contract from someone. I suspect it will be the Lakers but I would prefer that he go somewhere were there is less pressure to win immediately.

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