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Discussion in 'College of Charleston Cougars' started by SuperPatriot, May 27, 2013.

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    I know traditionally the old SoCon has been a better conference for baseball, but the CAA landed three teams in the tournament this year with Towson, W&M and UNCW. The SoCon landed just one correct? Adding Elon and CofC to the mix in 2014 should make for some great baseball next season. I know many criticized the move to the CAA because of baseball, but it looks like a pretty good move now. What do others think?
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    You are preaching to the choir when it comes to me. I thought they were fairly even over a period of years. In the present century the 2 conferences are close to being even in the number of at large teams in baseball.. With ASU, GSU, Elon and us leaving SoCon is taking a huge hit in baseball. It looks like they are bring in Mercer and ETSU so that will ease the pain some but that does not replace 4 good baseball schools they are losing. Elon is a year away from being here though. I wish they had paid the extra exit fee and were coming this year. Not only does Elon have good baseball but their basketball has really stepped up also. They will probably be favored to win the SoCon in basketball this coming season.

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