JMU Likes to Party

By TheFeed  Published: 22nd August 2012

Via JMU Sports Blog

The Princeton Review released its list of Top 20 Party Schools and sure enough our beloved alma matter checks in at number 18. So, yay! I mean, I think that’s how the cool kids want us to react, right? Wait, what’s that? They’d really just prefer that my friends and I politely refrain from joining their quaint social gatherings get the f*ck out. Well, that’s fair I guess. But by doing so, they’ll miss out on a whole bunch of cool stories that Todd and I could tell them about “back in our day”. Cool stories about how we and our “bros” drank $26 kegs of Beast Lite on partied every night of the week. On second thought, the mere fact that our tired old asses would even attempt to use the word party as a verb is oddly pathetic. And sort of creepy. And telling college kids about $26 kegs is like my grandparents telling me about how they used to go to the theater to watch the “talkies” for a nickel. But anyway, well done JMU students. Well done.

And it’s worth mentioning that West Virginia is number 1 on the list. That makes perfect sense considering you can major in drinking moonshine while walking around in bare feet and overalls at WVU. It also means that the tailgating for the JMU vs WVU game at FedEx is probably going to be a whole lot of fun. So join us on the bus people.

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