Here we go again…VCU/Mason/Butler to the A10 heats back up

By TheFeed  Published: 20th April 2012

VCU Ram Nation

When it felt as if things had just begun to settle down, Lenn Robbins of the NY Post tweeted today:

@LennRobbins George Mason and VCU to the A-10 on May 1.. Butler probably… The Post has learned

Before VCU fans in favor of the move could uncork the champaign, denials from VCU, the CAA and A10 hit the twitterverse, which forced the Robins response, “CAA sending emails to members saying no addition of Mason and VCU…administrators in A-10 and other East conferences say it’s a go”.

Brett McMurphy, one of the top experts in conference realignment, had originally kicked off the firestorm weeks ago by reporting on the same rumors, which were also denied by the aforementioned parties.

Update: David Teel of the Daily Press added that he spoke with four sources directly involved with the realignment, all of which believe VCU and Mason are making the move.

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