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By TheFeed  Published: 17th April 2012

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Who needs Big, Rich Texas when we’ve got The Colonials?

Brian Mull sniffed out a Dallas Morning News story that notes Buzz Peterson may become a “coach-in-waiting” at SMU under Larry Brown. The mercurial Peterson has 400,000 penalty reasons to stay at The Dub past June 1.

Of course in less than 24 hours Peterson issued a declarative statement: “I want everyone to know that I’m not a candidate for any other job. Period.”

Related, UNCW landed Rutgers transfer Tyree Graham.

Ed Miller tied up the loose ends on DeShawn Painter, who is transferring from NC State to Old Dominion. Painter is moving closer to home to be near his ill grandmother. He has one year of eligibility.

Side note: CAA fave Dave Fairbank at the Daily Press has what appears to be a very insightful follow on with interesting back story about Painter and his family. However at some point the DP chose to go the ridiculous pay wall route so I only got three sentences completed. (Yes, I will continue to hammer on these executives that believe walling off content is a good idea. It isn’t.)

VCU sort of announced it will be headed to Europe this August on one of those get-to-know-your-world trips. Details are TBD. Side note, 2: this is a good time to announce my latest project: A Summer With VCU Basketball.

The culture of Joe Lunardi cracks me up. Fans kill him, calling him names that are unprintable. However those same fans read him every week, link to him, and cannot get enough of him. Lunardi is indeed college basketball’s Howard Stern. And he has two CAA teams in his preseason Bracketology.

Georgia State is still a part of our fun Association, and here’s Doug Roberson on projected cost savings for the football team. Editorial comment: Since GSU made a football decision, they need to take a percentage of that $150K and buy shoes to support Ron Hunter’s Samaritan’s Feet charity. Just me.

Drexel announced it will be part of the Anaheim Classic next year. The Dragons will play three games, with the possibility to meeting either Xavier or St. Mary’s.


We hate to speculate here, but that’s mostly about programs and rumors. Sometimes there are illustrations that walk the line of speculation, but bring up questions.

I was initially troubled by the postponement of the CAA Exit Fee vote. You don’t publicly say it’s going to happen–not something of this magnitude–and then have it not happen without back-room problems. Big problems.

But perhaps I was wrong.

Remember this is a chess game. Several sources told me this exit fee issue has been in the works for a long time. It had been in the hands of the presidents for comment for more than a week before it came to light. This wasn’t new ground that was being covered in a knee-jerk reaction to rumors of Georgia State, VCU, and Mason.

What if–and I think this is plausible–the entire push to a vote was a ploy to force Georgia State to make its decision? Don’t take that in any negative way because it isn’t meant that way. But the CAA needs to move forward, and Georgia State plodding along with indecision would make it difficult on the conference to move forward.

The CAA needs clarity in order to take its next steps. The seemingly sudden gravitas on the exit fee could very likely be nothing more than efficient process–closing the book on the inevitable so everything can take the next step. It takes one variable out of play.

The point is this: all this speculation is based on assumptions. And these assumptions are clouded by perceived motives. If any of that is incorrect, anything that follows is also flawed.

Real life example: I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my daughter for lunch for five straight days. I made the assumption she was tired of PB&J, and her motive was to have something different for lunch. So I made a cheese sandwich.

In hindsight, upon grueling interrogation, I realized that I should continue to make PB&J because she really likes it. I had flawed assumptions and motives, and I was wrong.

That’s why we need to keep digging for reality, and facts.


Here’s one more what-if to ponder that is offered to challenge your assumptions: what if Tom Yeager is putting together the strongest 12-team conference he can muster, putting Mason and VCU to the side, sort of in the parking lot?

Let’s say he is going after Davidson, Charleston, and Charlotte. Don’t argue the schools–that’s a pointless and unending discussion of speculation. What if the strategy is to create a strong 12-team conference, and if Mason and VCU stay it becomes an even stronger 14-team conference?

My point: like the PB&J sandwich issue, we don’t know people’s starting point on any of this. Open your mind to all possibilities, because they are on the table.

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